Wheeler Dentistry offers Sedation Dentistry in Hesperia for a Relaxed Patient Experience

If you are looking for sedation dentistry in Hesperia, CA, the team at Wheeler Dentistry can accommodate your needs. Whether you have an intense fear of dentistry or struggle with a particularly bad gag reflex, we will work to find the best way to help you relax. Working with a relaxed patient allows us to devote all of our attention and concentration to the procedure at hand, ensuring the best results possible for your needs. In addition, knowing that you can be comfortable in the dentist’s chair can make a huge difference to feelings of anxiety you might experience in the days before your appointment.

Our Sedation Options

We offer various sedation methods for anxious or fearful patients. IV sedation is particularly useful for patients with an intense phobia of the dentist. This method changes your perception of the length of the procedure by inducing either partial or full memory loss for the duration of the medication’s influence on your body – an hour long appointment suddenly becomes a breeze. We also offer nitrous or oral conscious options to reduce nervousness and help you relax. While we see patients over the age of one, we do not offer pediatric IV Sedation. However, the nitrous or oral conscious option may still be an option for children. 

We always conduct a thorough assessment to determine any patient’s suitability for our different sedation methods. If you opt for something other than nitrous, our safety procedure stipulates that you must have someone available to take you home. We also ask you to refrain from eating for the six hours prior to the appointment, and to stick to clear liquids for the two hours prior to arriving at the office. Please call us for further instructions if you are appointed for IV Sedation and have questions. 

Our Approach

Our caring approach makes us one of the very best providers of sedation dentistry in Hesperia. We can heat up shots to make injections less painful, and we have a tool that matches the pH of the anesthetic to your body’s pH (providing a faster-acting effect). We offer computerized injections that allow us to use a small gage needle and reduce discomfort by controlling the speed and rate of injections. The accuracy provided by computerized injections also means we can numb just one tooth instead of your entire mouth.

We also believe that sedation can be a powerful tool to help patients transition to a more normal visit. We have seen many people overcome their fear of dentistry through sedation, and we would love to help you work towards that goal. Patients can begin to feel more comfortable with their dental visits if know they will be made less anxious through sedation, and in time the need for sedation may diminish in response.

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